Start Up - Make Sense
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Have you had the lightbulb moment?
Are you ready to get your business off the ground?

We love working with start-up businesses to help them grow and succeed

Come and have a chat with us about your idea. We can help with everything from:

  • Business Plan
  • Company incorporation
  • Opening a bank account
  • Tax advice
  • Raising finance and much more

You see, we’re not like other accountants, it Makes Sense for us to open up our contact book and make valuable introductions for you. We do this for lots of our clients, saving them time sourcing suppliers which in turn helps improve and support your business by introducing them to ‘buyers’ of their products or services.

We are specialists in cloud accounting software; you get a portal and a phone app which integrates to your other systems such as, CRM, banking etc. saving you both time and money, both of which are in short supply when you are starting a business. Let’s face it, when time and money have gone you can’t buy more!

Call us for a free consultation. If we believe in you and the growth potential of your business we will help kick start your business to get it quickly off the ground.

We also help with the normal (spellbinding and exhilerating) accountancy services like payroll, bookkeeping, accounts and more!

For more information contact us on

0121 356 2746