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Xero Accounting

Xero Accounting Makes Everything Better

Well you have come to the right place.Our clients are in control of their finances and makes sound business decisions without stretching their finances.

Makes Sense have been using cloud accounting software for many years and so unlike many other accountants it is not new to us. You can also take to the next level and integrate your other systems and this will save you time and money.


At Makes Sense we understand clients like choice so we do not have a one size fits all approach. We are accredited with FreeAgent, Xero and QuickBooks. We obviously can’t use all 3 on this website so we have chosen Xero but they all work in similar ways.


Bookkeeping is better

When your accounts are built on Xero, your bookkeeping is done faster and better than ever before.

Reporting is better

Because your numbers have been set up properly, you get the right kind of reports (and you like reading them).

Decisions are better

Using your up to the minute reporting, you can decide whether to go ahead with that new opportunity – and be confident in your decision.

Bookkeeping is better

You’re more organised, and automated follow up is in place so you get paid on time. Maybe even in advance (gasp!).

Reporting is better

All of this works together to help you be a better, stronger business owner. With more growth, profit, and power.

Decisions are better

It may seem overdramatic, but we have had clients tell us Xero has literally changed their life. You may as well try it!

Xero Onboarding

Get up to Xero-speed with onboarding videos, tutorials, and more…


We are the Online Accounting Experts

MS are accredited with Xero, FreeAgent and QuickBooks. Xero is our preferred choice but all clients are different and have different requirements so we do not have a one size fits all approach.