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What are the two things every business needs?

Customers and Suppliers.

Trusted Partners Introducer Service

At Makes Sense, we not only look after your finances, we also help your business grow by connecting you with our Trusted Partners and networking contacts. This includes; introductions to customers, suppliers and introducers. Growing your business is our Number 1 concern; well, that is, after getting your accounts in order!

We are not only your accountants but your trusted business advocates supporting you through your journey to business success like no other accountancy firm. Many of our clients have greatly benefitted from our introductions to our Trusted Partners and now happily conduct business with them. This is where we really add additional value and service with a difference from other accounting firms.

Our Trusted Partner List

When starting a business, it is easy to overlook the little things so we have created a partner list to save you time and money.

Customers and Suppliers – If you have the right business model I can help with some valuable introductions and I will be your networking marketing partner.


LC Training & Education Ltd

Professional Service, Personal Touch, Positive Outcomes.Improve your staff retention and productivity by improving the skills of your staff.Half day, one day and two day training courses available.Course topics include: Improve Your Communication Skills, Leadership and Management Training, Bespoke English and Maths Packages and Sending Professional Emails.View the full range of courses here.

Health & Safety

Waris International Consulting Ltd

Waris International Consulting Ltd is a Health and Safety Consultancy based in the United Kingdom providing HSE  Risk Management services to organisations across the UK and the Middle East. The Waris Consulting team provide cost effective advice, documentation, training and consultancy services to small businesses around the UK, in addition to International clients in the Middle East.


BNI – Premier

Get in touch with Tim Hammond, our resident natural networker who will let you know of upcoming events and let you know if he is attending.

BNI – Premier Chapter, C/O Moor Hall Hotel, Sutton Coldfield

We meet every Thursday at 6.30 for networking breakfast. We pass quality leads between the members and unlike the myths, it actually works and these are real referrals for genuine business. The rule is one business per category, please let me know if you would like to come along or find out if your category is vacant?

Facilities Management


Chris Balmforth

Director & FM Consultant


24/7 T: 03450 519 187

SSIFM provides an innovative, easy to use Facilities Management portal and centralised database of quality vetted, FM professionals who can be called upon at any time of day or night.

Our Mission is to provide a transparent FM support network that enables companies and FM professionals to easily manage their estates and to work as efficiently and effectively as possible.

For more information contact us on

0121 356 2746