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Why use Xero online accounting?

Why use Xero online accounting?

Xero, Small Business, Accountants in Birmingham, ContractorsOnline accounting not only enables business owners to focus on the running of their business by taking away the need to input and manage accounts manually, but it also enables them to access their accounts in real time, at any time, from anywhere in the world.

As an accredited Xero Partner, the team at Makes Sense can provide expert advice and support on using this software solution for your business.

By allowing us access to the accounting data, we can share the same set of accounts and access financial data at the same time from anywhere, helping us to understand your business, and in doing so, provide ongoing short to medium business and tax planning advice.

Xero allows live bank feeds, which enable your bank statements, credit card transactions and PayPal payments to be directly and automatically imported, which will provide a daily, rather than monthly, view of the cash within the business.

What more can I do on Xero?

  • Get instant online payment in one click. Your customers just click the payment link on your invoices and make direct payment using their credit card or PayPal. It’s easier than ever to get paid on time.
  • See when customers open your invoices. You will have a record of when your invoice was opened – no more “lost invoice” excuses. Xero records each time a customer views their outstanding bills online.
  • Create professional recurring invoices, schedule bill payments to manage cash flow and invoice groups of customers – with one click. Payments, returns and credits are all tracked automatically.
  • Design your own templates and add your logo to our professional invoice templates or create completely custom designed templates.
  • Charge expenses to your customers. Expenses you incur on behalf of your customers can be easily charged to them. Simply tag items as billable expenses and add these to your invoices.

Using Xero with us at Makes Sense, we can check your accounts, answer questions, provide targeted advice and run reports from real data in actual time. Having an up-to-date view of your finances enables us to identify any cash flow problems at an early stage – even before they happen – and to advise you accordingly.

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